WhatsApp notifier

The defect reporter can be reached from the cell phone via WhatsApp. Simply save the number of the city hall (070511670) in the phone book and start typing.

Ideas and complaints

Your constructive criticism and suggestions enable us to tailor our work even better to your needs.

Tell us where it’s stuck. Of course, your information will be treated confidentially.

WhatsApp Notifier Guide

To contact Calw City Council via WhatsApp, you must have the latest WhatsApp software version installed on your mobile device or PC. To contact us, please proceed as follows:

  • Save the phone number 07051 1670 to your contacts, for example. as “City of Calw”. This is also useful if you ever need to reach the city hall by phone.
  • Then send this number a WhatsApp message with your request.
  • To have your data or the chat deleted, write a message in the chat with the content “Delete”. Afterwards, the municipality will delete the entire chat history as well as your contact information.

Note: By using the WhatsApp service of the Calw municipality, you agree to the terms of use and privacy policy.

Terms of use WhatsApp

Please note that by using WhatsApp, you agree to the relevant terms of use and privacy policy of WhatsApp. Please also observe the terms of use of your smartphone manufacturer, mobile service provider and/or app store provider.

The municipality only processes WhatsApp text messages and photos. Voice messages, video calls, videos and documents are not accepted or processed!

This additional service does not replace any official procedures or visits to the authorities, but is intended to serve as a low-threshold way of reporting your concerns to the administration.

Please do not direct any emergency calls to this number – in urgent emergencies, please use the familiar emergency numbers for the police (110) and fire department (112).

The municipality expects users to be polite in the course of contact. It reserves the right to delete insulting, racist and other derogatory statements immediately or, if necessary, to prosecute them.

The city of Calw does not charge for contact via WhatsApp. Please note, however, that your terminal must have Internet access, for which costs may be incurred.

Privacy policy for WhatsApp use

Your telephone number and your personal data will be used and stored by us exclusively for the purpose of processing your request and will be deleted after the request has been processed. The basis for the processing of your personal data is your consent according to Art. 6 para. 1 lit. a EU-DSGVO by sending a message to our WhatsApp phone number.

You can request the deletion of your data and message history, and thus revoke your consent to the processing of your personal data, by sending a chat message with the content “Delete” to 07051 167 0.

The municipality will use your cell phone number only to reply to your messages and will temporarily store it anonymously (see above) on a service smartphone, which will be used only for this purpose. The contact data is only stored locally on this service smartphone; there is no external synchronization via cloud services.

Further data processing, for example in order to obtain more detailed information about your request from other employees of the Calw municipality, is carried out in anonymous form, insofar as this permits the processing of your request.

The message content will only be read by employees of the Calw city administration who are required to respond to your request and will only be used to process the relevant request.

Your data will not be passed on to third parties or used for other purposes. You will not receive any advertising or messages from the city administration via WhatsApp chat that are not directly related to your request.

In addition, the General Privacy Policy of the Municipality of Calw applies!

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